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Our Technologies


To support your online presence we've developed a whole range of in-house programs, powered by the newest generation of Internet technologies such as XML and PHP, and utilizing best programming practices. All of these technologies are 100% style configurable, which means that you are not bound by the limits of the application to a certain style. You would never even know that two different sites, with entirely different appearance, were running on the same application!

Most important of all, all of our programs are fully integrated with each other - a feature many competing services lack. When you add an article to our online catalog, it can automatically have a discussion forum with it; or it can link to your product catalog, a mailing list, or whatever else your site uses. As part of integration, all technologies are managed in a central administration zone, a "dashboard" you can access online from any web browser with a username and password we provide you, giving you full control over your own content.