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Custom Programming

What we don not already have, our programmers can prepare for you. However if you want to link email, FTP, databases, the WWW, your back-end system, and whatever else you wish together, we have the technology to do it. more

Site Administration

We offer a secure, remote online tool for administering your site, a 'dashboard' that you can acceess from any web browser, using a username and password which we will give you. more

Domain Registration

We can register your company in any US, British, or Czech domain! For other country domains such as France and Slovakia which have special legal restrictions, we will work with you to facilitate the registration. more

24.4.2007 Our Technologies

To support your online presence we've developed a whole range of in-house programs, powered by the newest generation of Internet technologies such as XML and PHP, and utilizing best programming practices. All of these technologies are 100% style configurable, which means that you are not bound by the limits of the application to a certain style. You would never even know that two different sites, with entirely different appearance, were running on the same application! more

24.4.2007 Flash Design

We can design anything you need in Flash, from simple buttons or menu bars, to 'introduction' animations, to special interactive advertisements or games, to full sites implementing 100% Flash, such as this one. more