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Inserting images


With Fonio, inserting images and other attachments is easy. In the Attachments section, there is an Image tab open. If it is not active, click on it.

Field for attachment handling
Field for attachment handling

Inserting a new image

To insert an image, click the Browse button. Subsequently, it will open a new window selector where you select the image you want to insert.

Selecting a file
Selecting a file

After selecting the right directory, click on the image and then click Open.

Image description

The image can add a description that appears beneath the picture. He fills in the text box above the Browse button. Checking option button, zoom (left of the Browse button) to allow the larger picture.

Finally, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Inserting image into text

Need to place an image into the text? Go into the text field. On the right side, there is a list of files attached. Select one by mouse and drag it to the text. This image is inserted.

Changing size

Click on the image, and (depending on the browser you are using) it will show the handles that you can grab and use for resizing. If you hold the SHIFT key while resizing, it keeps the proportions.

Inserting image into text
Inserting image into text

Aligning image

If you want to align the image right left or centre, then go back to the Attachments section. Find the picture and select the alignment in the drop-down menu.

To confirm all changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


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